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Woodworking and Construction

HI! I am Mike Warner, owner of Gallery 309 Ltd.  I spent half my adult life as a Combat Engineer in the Army and am a carpenter by trade.  Gallery 309 is a home based business building sheds, cabins and woodworking projects in the Lima Ohio area.

Shed And Cabin Construction

10x8 Wood Saltbox Shed

The Auburn Shed


We are a shed and cabin construction business that will custom build any storage shed, garden shed, potting shed, pool shed, cabin or any type of shed you would like.

For site built sheds and cabins we pre-cut all lumber and do final assembly on your site.  We do not build the sheds or cabins in a factory and ship them out.  Since we do not build our sheds at our facility we can build your shed exactly where you want it.  Have a fence around your yard?  Want your shed or cabin in the woods?  Whatever your situation, we can build it exactly where you want it.  We have generators and gas powered air compressors so we don’t even need to have power.

Our goal is to build you exactly what you want without any worries you might have with getting your shed or cabin delivered.

Wood Shed Kit

The Delaware 

Shed Construction

storage shed

The Tacoma Shed

veterans discount

We are offering 5% off up to $250 for all active duty military, veterans, law enforcement and firefighters active and veterans.

Our sheds are constructed from the ground up with quality materials.  New for 2015, floor joists are built out of treated 2×6 lumber.  The flooring is 3/4″ Dryply plywood.  Framing for our sheds are 24″ on center with a double stud every 48″.  Our siding is LP Smartside, it comes with a 5 year full and 50 year limited guarantee.  As an option we will also do pretty much any other type of siding you would like including vinyl siding, log siding, wood lap siding, etc.  We use quality dimensional shingles for your roof and will match your home shingles as closely as possible.  We will also build your shed using quality metal siding and roofing if you desire.

We will do custom construction work and are willing to custom build you whatever you like.  Whatever type of cabin, shed or barn you would like, we will build for you, the way you want it built.

Shed Prices

Country Cabin Ohio

The Rainier Cabin

dayton shed kit

The Dayton Shed

Our storage shed prices listed on this website are a guide that gives you a basic cost for our sheds.  We are happy to build you whatever you would like and work with you on the price of your project.

We keep our prices low by not wasting money on lot models and brochures.  The typical salesman on a lot makes a 20% commission from the sale of a shed.  Full color brochures and catalogs cost thousands of dollars.  We don’t do the commissions or printed material and the result for our clients are high quality products at a decent price.

Cabin with Log Siding

The Olympia Cabin

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Check out our website and contact us if you need more information click here for contact info.


We build anywhere in Ohio, Indiana and Northern Kentucky with no additional charge.

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